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AirCover in the world of seasonal rentals: security for properties and hosts

In the world of short-term rentals in Paris, the security of properties and hosts is crucial. AirCover, the insurance program offered by Airbnb, provides a solution tailored to the specific challenges of this sector. Let's explore in detail how AirCover protects Parisian property owners and contributes to a more serene rental experience.

Introduction to AirCover for Airbnb Hosts

AirCover is a key element of security for owners who rent via Airbnb. Let's analyze its features and benefits.

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How AirCover Works

AirCover is a free insurance for Airbnb hosts, automatically activating with each rental. It covers damages up to 1 million dollars, offering significant protection against unexpected incidents.

The Host Damage Guarantee

This guarantee covers various types of damage caused by tenants, including unexpected cleaning costs and lost income due to cancellations.

Host Liability Insurance

This insurance covers bodily or material damage suffered by travelers during their stay, thus protecting hosts against potential claims.

The Limitations of AirCover and the Importance of Personal Insurance

Although AirCover provides substantial protection, it has certain limitations. Therefore, personal insurance remains essential.

AirCover Exclusions

AirCover does not cover damages related to normal wear and tear or events such as natural disasters, necessitating additional insurance.

The Role of Personal Insurance

It is crucial for owners to have personal insurance that complements AirCover, covering situations not included in the Airbnb program.

Advice for Choosing Additional Insurance

It is recommended to discuss with your insurance company to ensure that the coverage is adapted to the specifics of short-term renting.

How AirCover and Personal Insurance Protect Your Investment in Paris

In the competitive rental market in Paris, the combination of AirCover and personal insurance offers optimal protection for your property.

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Security and Peace of Mind for Owners

The combination of these two types of insurance guarantees comprehensive coverage, allowing owners to rent their property confidently.

Benefits for Tenants

Tenants also benefit from a more secure experience, knowing that the property they rent is well protected.

Impact on the Paris Rental Market

This dual protection positively influences the Parisian rental market, making the city more attractive for short-term rentals.

Complete Protection with AirCover for Airbnb Hosts

AirCover for Airbnb hosts, unique in its kind, offers comprehensive protection tailored to the specifics of short-term rentals.


This coverage begins with rigorous verification of travelers' identities, ensuring their reliability. Additionally, Airbnb uses advanced technology to analyze each reservation and block those that present high risks, especially in terms of property damage or nuisances.

The coverage also includes liability insurance up to 1 million US dollars, providing protection in case a traveler is injured or their personal belongings are damaged or stolen. Furthermore, Airbnb offers 24/7 security assistance, allowing hosts to easily contact specially trained agents if needed.

It is important to note that, although AirCover offers extensive coverage, there are exclusions and situations that are not covered. Hosts are therefore encouraged to fully understand how AirCover works in conjunction with their personal insurance. The speed of the damage reimbursement process and the ease of access to these services make AirCover particularly attractive for Airbnb hosts, providing them with unparalleled peace of mind in managing their rentals.

The Guarantee

The impressive guarantee of AirCover, which covers up to 3 million US dollars, is invaluable security for owners. It includes specific aspects such as the protection of artworks, valuables, vehicles, and boats parked on the property, as well as damages caused by travelers' pets. Moreover, in case of reservation cancellations due to damages, owners receive compensation for lost income, as well as reimbursement for deep cleaning services necessary after travelers' departure.

Why Entrust Your Apartment to Hoterie for Optimal Airbnb Ranking

Choosing Hoterie for managing your property in Paris means opting for recognized excellence in the field of short-term rentals, with the additional security provided by Airbnb's AirCover.

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Professional Photography and Optimized Ads

At Hoterie, enhancing your property begins with a professional photography session, aimed at capturing the elegance and unique atmosphere of your property. Our SEO experts write optimized ad descriptions, using relevant keywords to ensure better ranking and increased visibility on Airbnb, thus ensuring that your property stands out in the competitive Parisian landscape.

High-End Concierge Management

The expertise of Hoterie goes beyond creating an attractive ad. Our deep knowledge of the Parisian market allows us to offer you informed advice and tailor-made property management. Collaborating with Hoterie, you benefit from continuous improvement of your property, aligned with today's high expectations of travelers.

A Centralized Account for Increased Visibility

By entrusting your property to Hoterie, it will be integrated into our exclusive portfolio of high-end properties on a centralized account. This strategic approach strengthens the online presence of your apartment, offering it optimal visibility on Airbnb. A property managed by Hoterie is not only a symbol of quality and luxury but also a promise of an enriched and secure experience with AirCover.

Dispute Management with AirCover

Thanks to Hoterie and Airbnb's AirCover protection, your property does not just meet the high standards of the Paris short-term rental market. It exceeds them, offering hosts unparalleled peace of mind and travelers an authentic and memorable Parisian experience.

Handling Potential Disputes with Travelers

A crucial aspect of our service at Hoterie is managing potential disputes with travelers. In case of any issues, our team takes charge of the entire communication and negotiation process with Airbnb and its AirCover insurance. This includes managing damage claims, discussions about reimbursements or compensations due, and any other form of dispute that may arise. We commit to representing your interests professionally and efficiently, ensuring that the benefits offered by AirCover are fully utilized to protect your property. This comprehensive management eliminates the stress and complexity of administrative procedures, allowing you to rent your property with ease.


AirCover, in combination with appropriate personal insurance, represents a complete solution for protecting owners in the Paris short-term rental sector. This dual coverage not only ensures the safety of properties but also contributes to a more serene and reassuring rental experience for tenants. An undeniable asset for maintaining the competitiveness and attractiveness of the Parisian rental market.

AirCover in the world of seasonal rentals: security for properties and hosts
February 1, 2024, Hoterie

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