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La Petite Maisonnaise

Secluded from Paris's frenetic pulse, "La Petite Maisonnaise" awaits to offer an extraordinary living experience. Positioned in the pulsating heart of Maisons-Alfort, this apartment is an epitome of an unforgettable retreat, marrying French lifestyle elegance with the sophistication of meticulously curated interior design.

Lissac - Bedroom 2 - Library

The Neighborhood

Maisons-Alfort sets an idyllic scene for "La Petite Maisonnaise," resonating with an infectious serenity. Just a short stroll from the Town Hall, the apartment's central location grants immediate access to charming artisanal shops, bakeries bursting with the aroma of fresh bread, and local markets where regional products tell the story of this Paris-fringing town. Here, every street narrates the communal life's tapestry, weaving a story of warmth and a gentle pace of life. A mere 15-minute journey from Gare de Lyon ensures that the allure of a Parisian escapade is as tangible as the calmness of the Marne riverbanks, welcoming travelers to rejuvenate after a day of exploration or work.

Lissac - Outside - Restaurant

The Host

Maria-Teresa is the embodiment of warmth and generosity. Torn between her passion for her native Calabria and her love for France, she breathes joy into every nook of "La Petite Maisonnaise." A craftswoman of conviviality, she has created a space where each object tells a tale, each carefully chosen piece of furniture beckons you to unwind. A cycling and culinary enthusiast, she is ready to offer the best local routes and culinary secrets, ensuring a rich and authentic stay.

The Apartment

"La Petite Maisonnaise" unfolds over two floors, offering generous spaces bathed in natural light. The ground floor is designed for sociability, featuring an open kitchen and a welcoming living room, while a bedroom with a private terrace provides an exclusive retreat. The upper floor, dedicated to privacy and rest, houses two spacious bedrooms, one complete with a dressing area, and a freshly renovated bathroom. This abode, a haven of taste and tranquility, is as suited for serene evenings after a bustling day as it is for moments of inspired sharing and work.

Lissac - Living room - Main

The living

The living room sings an ode to light and comfort. Large double-glazed windows invite daylight to dance across the parquet floor, while evenings are cherished in the cozy embrace of the sofa, with music and entertainment provided by top-notch electronic equipment. This living space is conceived for those who appreciate quality time, whether immersed in a book, enjoying a meal at the elegant dining table, or indulging in culinary creativity, thanks to the immediate proximity of the open kitchen.

Lissac - Living room - Sofa and kitchen.

The kitchen

The kitchen is the beating heart of "La Petite Maisonaise," a masterpiece of efficiency and style. Each appliance – from the coffee machine that rejuvenates your mornings to the integrated oven that caters to your gastronomic exploits – stands as an ally in the French art of living. Cooking plates, a large fridge, and a microwave round out this modern ensemble, ready to fulfill your most audacious culinary desires.

Lissac - Kitchen - Overview

The Bathroom

The bathroom is a sanctuary of relaxation, where old-world charm meets contemporary comfort. The walk-in shower, the centerpiece of this wellness haven, promises invigorating starts and soothing ends to your days. The quality finishes and carefully chosen fixtures reflect a commitment to detail and the guest experience.

Lissac - Bathroom - Overview

The Sleepings

The six sleeping accommodations of "La Petite Maisonaise," spread across three bedrooms, pledge restorative slumber. Each queen-size bed is an invitation to deep sleep, wrapped in the quality and freshness of the chosen linens. Here, rest is an accessible luxury, with each room serving as a personalized haven for withdrawal and rejuvenation.

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Lissac - Bedroom 2 - Bed full
Lissac - Bedroom 3- Bed and window

Good to know

Your stay is enhanced by the ease of complimentary street parking and access to a charming communal patio. The neighborhood around the Town Hall, the setting of your temporary residence, offers a perfect balance between local dynamism and safety, promising a most delightful Parisian experience.

Lissac - Outside - Courtyard and terracy

"La Petite Maisonnaise" is more than just an apartment for rent; it's an invitation to experience Paris differently. For professional stays or personal getaways, this home promises not only an exceptional living space but also an immersion into a lifestyle where elegance and comfort reign supreme. Allow yourself to be enchanted by this unique address and experience Paris through the eyes of those who know and love it.

La Petite Maisonnaise
October 26, 2023, Hoterie