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Pied-à-Terre in Batignolles

Imagine a haven of peace in the heart of Parisian dynamism. Our architect-designed studio, carefully and refinedly designed, is an ideal pied-à-terre for those looking to experience an authentic Parisian experience. With its warm atmosphere and privileged location, this studio is more than just accommodation; it is an invitation to discover Parisian life at its best.

The Apartment

This 14m² studio, though intimate, is a masterpiece of space optimization. With its 3 meters high ceiling, it breathes grandeur in a compact format. The comfortable bed, the equipped kitchen, and the uniquely designed bathroom create a functional and aesthetic environment. Every detail has been thought out to maximize comfort in a reduced space, making it an ideal choice for elegant and practical travelers.

LAC - Living - From entrance

The Neighborhood

The Batignolles, a neighborhood where elegance meets the bohemian spirit, offers an unmatched Parisian experience. Its tree-lined streets, trendy cafes, innovative restaurants, and art galleries create a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. Here, every Saturday, the organic market attracts locals and visitors, while the Martin Luther King Park offers a breath of fresh air amid urban hustle. Strolling in the Batignolles means living the quintessence of Parisian culture, where the charm of the old world meets modern innovation.

The Host

Julien.B, the founder of Hoterie, is a passionate globetrotter, sharing his time between Rome and Paris. His Parisian pied-à-terre reflects his passion for design and hospitality. With Hoterie, he aims to offer unique experiences through carefully chosen accommodations, sharing his love for art, culture, and the finesse of living. By staying here, you share more than a space; you share Julien's vision for an unforgettable travel experience.

The Living Room

Although compact, the studio's living room is a perfect example of minimalist elegance. Each element, from the comfortable sofa to the mood lighting, is chosen to create a welcoming atmosphere. The window offers a charming view of the garden, while modern amenities ensure a pleasant and practical stay.

LAC - Living - Office

The Kitchen

The kitchen, although small, is perfectly equipped for cooking tasty meals. With its microwave, cooktop, and refrigerator, it offers everything you need to prepare dishes like at home. The crockery and kitchen utensils are of high quality, reflecting the attention to detail that characterizes the entire studio.

LAC - Kitchen - Main

The Bathroom

The bathroom is a real gem. With its stainless steel finishes, it combines modernity and functionality. The spacious shower and toilets are designed to offer maximum comfort in a minimalist space, and each element is chosen for its aesthetics and practicality.

LAC - Bathroom - Sink and toilets

The Sleeping Area

The large bed, measuring 190x140, is a cocoon of comfort. High-quality sheets and a carefully selected mattress guarantee a restorative night's sleep, essential to fully enjoy your Parisian stay.

LAC - Living - Bed details

To Know

Additional amenities like a washing machine and dryer are available in a private hut in the courtyard. A stainless steel clothes rack and storage under the bed offer practical solutions for your personal belongings.

This architect's studio in the Batignolles is more than just accommodation; it's an open door to an authentic and refined Parisian experience. With its ideal location, careful design, and warm welcome, it is the perfect place for those looking to immerse themselves in the charm and elegance of Paris. Book now for an unforgettable getaway.

Pied-à-Terre in Batignolles
January 4, 2024, Hoterie