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The Treasure Map of Parisian Thrift Stores.

Paris, the City of Light and the undisputed capital of fashion, harbors hidden treasures known only to the initiated: thrift stores. These unique shops offer a sustainable and charming alternative to traditional fashion circuits, allowing everyone to find unique pieces that tell a story. This article invites you to discover the treasure map of the best Parisian thrift stores for an extraordinary shopping adventure.

The Must-Visit Parisian Thrift Stores

In the vibrant heart of Paris, where history meets innovation at every corner, thrift stores emerge as sanctuaries of sustainable and timeless fashion. These spaces, far from being mere stores, are portals to bygone eras, offering modern treasure hunters an ethical and charming alternative to enrich their wardrobe.

Bis Boutique Solidaire, the Jewel of Social Fashion in the Heart of Le Marais

BIS Boutique Solidaire stands as a major player in social fashion in Paris. Located in the heart of Le Marais, this shop offers a rigorous selection of second-hand clothing, shoes, and accessories, highlighting pieces from high-end brands and designers at accessible prices. The commitment of BIS Boutique Solidaire to responsible consumption makes it an essential address for treasure hunters looking for rare gems while contributing to a social cause.

@bisboutiquesolidaire 7 boulevard du Temple, 75003 Paris

Hoterie - Boutique bis solidaire

Plaisir Palace, the Meeting Place for Lovers of Luxury Vintage Pieces

Plaisir Palace is an essential address for lovers of luxury vintage pieces. Located a stone's throw from the Carreau du Temple, this shop is the result of Didier Barroso's passion for iconic pieces from great designers. With a meticulous selection of clothing from the most renowned haute couture houses, Plaisir Palace offers its visitors a unique experience, where each piece is an invitation to rediscover the history of fashion. It's a true Aladdin's cave for those looking to invest in clothing loaded with history and elegance.

@plaisirpalace 3 rue Paul Dubois, 75003 Paris

Hoterie - Plaisir palace

Kilo Shop, the Unique Experience of Weight-Based Thrifting

Kilo Shop reinvents the thrift store concept with its weight-based selling system. This innovative chain offers a modern treasure hunt experience, where each color sticker reveals a different price, allowing you to find original pieces at very attractive prices. With several stores in Paris, Kilo Shop is a paradise for fashion enthusiasts looking for original pieces. The playful and ecological concept of Kilo Shop makes it a preferred destination for those wishing to combine a passion for fashion with environmental awareness.

@kiloshopfrance 69-71 rue de la Verrerie, 75004 Paris

Hoterie - Kiloshop

Episode: A Chapter of Fashion History in Étienne Marcel

Nestled in the vibrant Étienne Marcel neighborhood, Episode stands out as a beacon for fashion enthusiasts seeking a deep dive into the eclectic world of vintage clothing. Unlike traditional thrift stores, Episode curates a vast collection that spans various decades, offering a unique glimpse into the fashion trends that have shaped our history. From classic denim jackets to rare designer pieces, Episode ensures that every item tells a story, inviting shoppers to become part of a larger narrative. This store is more than just a shopping destination; it's a journey through time, where each piece is carefully selected to represent the best of vintage fashion. Episode's commitment to sustainability, by giving a second life to pre-loved clothing, aligns with the growing demand for eco-conscious fashion choices.

@episode.vintage 12-16 Rue Tiquetonne, 75002 Paris

Hoterie - Episode

Kiliwatch Paris: Where Vintage Meets Contemporary

Kiliwatch Paris offers a unique blend of vintage finds and contemporary fashion, making it a must-visit destination in the Étienne Marcel neighborhood. This expansive space is not just a store but a fashion hub where past and present converge, creating a dynamic shopping experience. Kiliwatch sets itself apart with its eclectic mix of clothing, accessories, and even books and records, catering to a wide range of tastes and styles. Whether you're in search of a vintage band tee, a timeless leather jacket, or the latest trends, Kiliwatch has something for everyone. The store's layout encourages exploration, with each corner revealing something unexpected and delightful. Kiliwatch is more than a thrift store; it's a cultural institution that celebrates the diversity of fashion and its ability to bring people together. 64 Rue Tiquetonne, 75002

Hoterie - Kiliwatch

The Hidden Gems of Paris

Beyond the emblematic addresses, Paris is full of hidden treasures, thrift stores less known to the general public but just as rich in discoveries. This chapter takes you to the discovery of these hidden gems, where the authenticity and originality of the pieces compete with the history and charm of their locations. Follow us into the most secret corners of Paris for a fashion exploration that promises to be as unique as it is inspiring.

Lapin Vintage, the Sanctuary of Flower Power in the Heart of Paris

Nestled in the heart of the 11th arrondissement, Lapin Vintage is an ode to the fashion of the 60s and 70s. Founded by an enthusiast of this colorful era, this shop is a true sanctuary for lovers of Flower Power. With a meticulous selection of pieces reflecting the free and joyful spirit of the time, Lapin Vintage is the ideal address for those looking to add a touch of cheerfulness and originality to their wardrobe. Each visit promises a journey back in time, in an atmosphere where fashion is synonymous with freedom and personal expression.

@lapin.vintage 9 rue Oberkampf, 75011 Paris

Hoterie - Lapin vintage

Thanx God I’m a V.I.P., the Jewel of Parisian Nights

At 12 Rue de Lancry, Thanx God I’m a V.I.P. stands out as a must-visit address for hunters looking for unique pieces. Founded by an emblematic figure of Parisian nights, this shop offers an eclectic selection of vintage clothing, where each piece is chosen for its story and style. Between branded garments and unique finds, TGIV is more than a thrift store: it's a living space, where fashion celebrates the richness of its past and the boldness of those who wear it.

@thanxgodimavip 12 rue de Lancry, 75010 Paris

Hoterie - TGIAV Paris

Guerrisol, the Fashion Adventure at a Low Price

With its numerous addresses across Paris, Guerrisol is the meeting place for fashion enthusiasts looking for good deals. This chain of thrift stores offers a wide range of clothing, shoes, and accessories for everyone, at unbeatable prices. It's the perfect place to find vintage pieces without breaking the bank, in an atmosphere where treasure hunting takes on its full meaning. Guerrisol proves that sustainable and accessible fashion is possible, giving new life to thousands of pieces.

@guerrisolfrance 96 bis Boulevard Barbès, 75018 Paris

Hoterie - Guerrisol

Tips for a Successful Treasure Hunt

The quest for the perfect vintage piece is an exciting adventure, mixing a love of fashion with the thrill of discovery. To turn this quest into a rewarding experience, it's essential to master certain skills. This chapter provides valuable tips for successfully navigating the fascinating world of Parisian thrift stores.

Knowing Where to Look, the First Step Towards Hidden Treasure

The first step in a successful treasure hunt in Parisian thrift stores is knowing where to set your sights. Paris, with its rich cultural heritage and reputation as the fashion capital, is full of thrift stores, each offering its own universe. However, not all will match your tastes or budget. Start by defining the style you're looking for: are you drawn to vintage luxury, 90s streetwear, or perhaps 70s bohemian chic? Use social media, fashion blogs, and forums to spot the most recommended addresses. Don't hesitate to ask for advice in the stores themselves; often, the vintage world in Paris is a small community where everyone knows each other.

Recognizing Valuable Pieces, an Art to Master

Finding a valuable piece in a thrift store is akin to discovering buried treasure. To do this, it's crucial to develop a discerning eye. Learn to identify the signs of a garment's quality: seams, finishes, fabrics. Designer pieces or renowned brands are often well indicated, but some gems may go unnoticed. Familiarize yourself with labels and logos from different eras. Always check the condition of the item: a small repair may be acceptable, but significant damage might not be worth it. Finally, remember that the authenticity of a vintage piece adds to its value, both sentimental and financial.

Negotiating Like a Pro, the Ultimate Thrifter's Skill

Negotiation is sometimes seen as a challenge, but it is an integral part of the thrift store experience. Approach it with respect and courtesy: the seller knows the value of the pieces they offer. Prepare by having an idea of the price you're willing to pay for an item. A good technique is to show interest in several pieces and then ask for a reduced overall price. Be polite and show that you appreciate the quality of what is being offered. Often, sellers are willing to offer a small discount to an enthusiastic and respectful buyer.

Hoterie: Your Passport to an Authentic Parisian Experience

In the heart of Paris, where timeless elegance meets creative effervescence, Hoterie discreetly stands out as an exceptional Airbnb concierge service. Our selection of high-end accommodations is just the beginning of your journey in the French capital. At Hoterie, we understand that true luxury lies in the experience: living Paris like a local, with its well-kept secrets and hidden treasures.

Immersion in Authentic Paris

Our carefully chosen accommodations are invitations to dive into the soul of Paris, offering much more than just a place to stay. They are the starting point for a personal exploration of the city, guided by our informed advice. Our approach is that of an attentive host, eager to share with you the nuances of a Paris often reserved for insiders.

Parisian Fashion, Beyond the Storefronts

Paris, the fashion capital, is full of boutiques and workshops where the past and present coexist. For those looking to discover the city from the perspective of its stylistic heritage, Hoterie can guide you to emblematic thrift stores, where each piece tells a story. Without ever imposing, we suggest routes where fashion is experienced as a treasure hunt, revealing unique pieces that capture the Parisian spirit.

Tailored Advice for a Unique Experience

Our knowledge of Paris goes beyond well-known addresses. We share personalized recommendations with you, inviting you to discover neighborhood cafes, avant-garde art galleries, and local markets, far from the usual tourist circuits. At Hoterie, each piece of advice is designed to enrich your stay, making it as unique as our accommodations.


In wrapping up this exploration of Paris's thrift stores, we find that the journey is as much about discovering the city's hidden narratives as it is about finding unique fashion pieces. It's an intimate voyage into Paris's lesser-known corners, where every garment has a story waiting to be uncovered. This isn't just shopping; it's an experience that connects you with the authentic spirit of Paris, inviting you to see the city through a different lens. With a subtle nod to Hoterie, consider this your gentle guide to navigating the rich tapestry of Parisian life, where each discovery adds a layer to your personal story of the city.

The Treasure Map of Parisian Thrift Stores.
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