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Transform a 13m2 Parisian studio into a premium space.

Every space, no matter its size, holds the potential to reflect charm and luxury. In the City of Light, where every corner resonates with history and style, your 13m2 studio is no exception. Hoterie unveils the art of turning your property into a sought-after Airbnb charm residence.

Maximizing Space with Elegance

In the quest for minimalist elegance, the primary step towards transforming your studio is space optimization. Hoterie understands the art of marrying functionality with aesthetics—a must-have skill for elite accommodations in Paris.

Versatile Furniture

The choice of multi-functional furniture can revolutionize confined spaces. Think of top-tier wall beds or convertible tables that embody not just ingenuity but Parisian design.

Colors and Lighting

Employing light color palettes and strategic lighting brings about a sense of openness. Elegantly placed mirrors can also enlarge the space, offering an exclusive stay experience even in the most compact studios.

Invisible Storage

Invisible storage solutions are crucial. Opt for built-in facilities that reduce clutter, thus reflecting serenity and order—traits synonymous with charming residences in Paris.

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Infusing Luxury in Every Detail

Luxury is not measured in square meters. Hoterie believes in crafting experiences, ensuring every detail of your studio speaks the language of upscale comfort and sophisticated Parisian style.

High-End Textiles

Quality bed linens, opulent curtains, and soft-to-touch rugs can transform the mundane into the extraordinary, offering an unparalleled luxe traveler experience.

Discreet Technology

Integrate modern tech subtly. A smart home system or a compact high-end speaker are contemporary touches that promise a technologically harmonious stay in Paris.

Art and Collectibles

Art isn't just for galleries. Local art pieces or collectibles can narrate a unique story, adding unexpected depth and personality to your space, thus elevating it to an elite accommodation standard.

The Parisian Touch

Paris is not just a city—it's a feeling, a way of life. Imbuing your studio with an authentic Parisian touch is pivotal for an unparalleled luxury experience that Hoterie swears by.

Local Craftsmanship

Introduce artisanal pieces made by local craftsmen. From wrought ironworks to hand-stitched textiles, showcasing the city's unparalleled craftsmanship ensures a journey deeper into Paris's soul.

Architectural Highlights

Embrace and highlight the architectural marvels of your space. Whether it's the intricate moldings or classic wooden beams, let them stand out as the stars, offering travelers a genuine slice of Paris.

Sensory Experience

Consider infusing the aroma of fresh croissants or lavender in the air. Use ambient sounds or a playlist of classic French tunes. Engaging the senses ensures an immersive Parisian stay, a hallmark of elite accommodations.

Hoterie’s Expertise in Property Management

Managing a premium Airbnb property isn't just about the physical space. Hoterie's expertise ensures a seamless, luxurious experience for both proprietors and guests, from reservation to farewell.

Tailored Services

Hoterie's concierge service provides on-demand tailored experiences. From guided tours to exclusive events in Paris, the goal is to craft memorable moments.

Superior Property Care

Ensuring properties retain their charm and sophistication requires meticulous care. Hoterie's dedicated team offers premium property management, ensuring each stay feels as fresh as the first.

Building a Community

Hoterie doesn’t just offer property management; it creates a community. By hosting events and creating a network, Hoterie fosters connections, letting guests and proprietors become part of a larger Parisian narrative.


Space, luxury, and Paris are a trio that when combined thoughtfully, crafts a tale of allure and charm. In a city as timeless as Paris, every nook and corner holds a story, and with Hoterie, your 13m2 studio can narrate its own enchanting saga. By melding design, functionality, and that distinct Parisian essence, even the coziest spaces can rival sprawling suites. And as you embark on this journey of transformation, remember that with Hoterie, you're never alone. Join us in redefining luxury and giving the world a taste of the authentic Paris.

Transform a 13m2 Parisian studio into a premium space.
October 24, 2023, Hoterie

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